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What is MCT Oil?
    Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are partially man-made fats. The name refers to the way the carbon atoms are arranged in their chemical structure. MCTs are generally made by processing coconut and palm kernel oils in the laboratory. Usual dietary fats, by comparison, are long-chain triglycerides.

    MCTs are a type of fat that can be readily used for energy by your body and do not have to be broken down before use. They are precursors to ketones and help your body burn fat instead of burning carbs. Ketones are one of the brain’s two primary fuel sources, and also a vital source of ATP energy for the body. ATP energy is what allows every single muscle in your body to move. While ketones from fat, rather than glycogen from carbohydrates, are the primary source of fuel for those on a ketogenic diet, but you don’t have to fully go keto to benefit from MCT oil and ketones.

    MCT Oil is a wonderful compliment for coffee or smoothies, as it provides a great source of quick, clean, lasting energy, it greatly improves mental focus and brain function, and helps with lowering inflammation levels. 
    Athletes will use MCTs for nutritional support during training to increase exercise performance, for decreasing body fat,  increasing lean muscle mass, and weight loss.

** MCT Oil Powder is easier to digest than the liquid MCT Oil.

** Easy to pack and travel with

** Can be easy to dissolve with hot beverages such as coffee, hot tea, etc. 

** MCTs from dietary sources and MCT oil may have some health benefits. However, it is important to remember that when a person consumes these, they are consuming fats.

** Taking MCT oil adds extra fats and calories to a person's diet. As such, excessive use of MCT oil may not be beneficial and could lead a person to gain weight. 

** MCT oil supplements are created from versions of food oils, and so are not considered a natural product.

** It is important to remember that MCT oil has a low smoke point, so it is not suitable for cooking.

** However, solid coconut oil, which is high in MCTs, can be used in cooking and may be used to replace olive oil or other cooking oils.

Who is this MCT Oil for?
** Anyone ages 18 +
** Keto dieters to kick start Ketosis daily
** Low Carb dieters
** Atheletes who want to increase performance

Benefits of MCT Oil are: 
** Keto friendly MCT Oil Powder to support mental clarity and metabolic function.

** Appetite reduction and maintaining a healthy weight 

**Reducing withdrawals when cutting out sugar

**Reducing stored body fat  

**Increasing energy and improving athletic performance without crashes

**Improving mental clarity, focus, cognitive and neurological function, with possible implications in neurodegerative diseases 2

**Improving fat digestion, MCTs are easier to digest than LCTs (Long Chain Triglycerides)

**Balancing hormone levels

**Improving mitochondrial function and subsequent reduced risk for diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular

**disease, autoimmune diseases and epilepsy

**Improving moods

**Reducing inflammation

**Prevention of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease  

**Fighting bacterial infection and viruses, help encourage a healthy gut environment by combatting harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.

**Absorbing fat-soluble nutrients from various foods

Features of MCT Oil are:
** No Added Grain
** No Added Mycelium or Fillers
**Keto Friendly
**PALEO Friendly
**Gluten FREE

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